Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029

Servotech Power Systems is a tech-focused electronics solutions company based in India . Founded in 2004, they have over two decades of experience in manufacturing and providing a wide range of products including solar power solutions, power & backup solutions, AC & DC EV chargers, medical devices, and energy-efficient LED lighting products [IN].

They are listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and cater to a variety of clients including government undertakings, product aggregation companies, niche channel partners, and end-users [IN].

Servotech is committed to providing innovative products and integrating renewable energy sources into EV charging infrastructure to achieve sustainability goals and drive the transition to electric mobility in India [IN].

Servotech Power Systems Products

Here’s a breakdown of their product categories:

  • EV Chargers: Servotech offers a comprehensive line of EV charging solutions including AC and DC chargers for home, commercial, and public use. They are at the forefront of developing ultra-fast DC chargers that can significantly reduce charging times for electric vehicles.
  • Solar Products: Servotech offers a wide range of solar products including solar panels, solar charge controllers, solar water pumps, and solar home lighting systems. They are committed to providing high-quality and efficient solar solutions to help people switch to clean energy.
  • LED Lighting: Servotech offers a wide variety of LED lighting products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Their LED lights are energy-saving and durable, making them a great choice for those looking to reduce their electricity bills.
  • Power & Backup Solutions: Servotech offers a variety of power and backup solutions including inverters, UPS systems, and servo stabilizers. These products help to protect sensitive electronics from power surges and blackouts.
  • Medical Devices: Servotech also manufactures and supplies a range of medical devices, including UV lamps for disinfection.

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Servotech Power Systems Revenue and Net Profit

  • Strong Performance in Q1 & Q2 FY24:
    • Q1 (June 2023): Revenue jumped to Rs 79.81 crore from Rs 32.06 crore, with a net profit of Rs 4.10 crore, significantly higher than the previous year.
    • Q2 (Sept 2023): Revenue surged to Rs 85.93 crore from Rs 40.16 crore, with a net profit of Rs 3.12 crore, again reflecting a substantial year-on-year increase.
  • Revenue and Net Profit Decline in Q3 FY24:
    • Q3 (Dec 2023): Revenue fell to Rs 52.21 crore compared to the previous year, and net profit dropped to Rs 1.11 crore. This indicates a decline from the highs of the previous quarters.

Servotech Power Systems Shareholding Patterns

  • Promoter Holding: 60.60% – This signifies a majority stake held by the company’s founders or promoters.
  • FII/FPI Holding: 4.82% – This represents the holdings by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) and Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) in the company’s shares. There has been a decrease in FII/FPI holdings compared to the previous quarter (8.86%).
  • Public Holding: 34.58% – This constitutes the remaining shares held by the public, including retail investors, mutual funds, and domestic institutional investors.

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029

YearShare Price Target

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2025

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2025 is 125.

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2026

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2026 is 175.

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2027

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2027 is 225.

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2028

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2028 is 275.

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2029

Servotech Power Systems Share Price Target for 2029 is 400.

Servotech Power Systems Dividend History

The most recent dividend was ₹0.20 per share, declared in September 2023

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Future Outlook of Servotech Power Systems

Positive Factors:

  • Growth Markets: Servotech operates in two key growth markets – Electric Vehicles (EV) and Renewable Energy. India’s ambitious EV adoption plans and increasing focus on renewable energy bode well for Servotech’s products like EV chargers and solar solutions.
  • Strong Recent Performance: Servotech has shown impressive revenue and profit growth in recent quarters, especially in FY23. This indicates strong demand for their products and efficient operations.
  • Expansion Plans: Servotech is actively expanding its manufacturing capacity for EV chargers and lithium batteries. This suggests they are confident in future demand growth.
  • Innovation: Their recent patent filings for EV charger technology showcase their commitment to innovation, which could lead to a competitive advantage.

Risks Associated With Investing in Servotech Power Systems

Negative Factors:

  • Competition: The EV charger and renewable energy space is becoming increasingly competitive. Servotech will need to maintain its product competitiveness and brand differentiation.
  • Volatile Material Costs: The rise in raw material prices could impact Servotech’s production costs and margins.
  • Dependence on Government Policies: Government policies and subsidies for EVs and renewable energy can significantly impact Servotech’s future growth.

Servotech Power Systems Competitors

Servotech Power Systems competes in several areas of the electronics and power solutions industry. Here’s a breakdown of some of their key competitors across different product categories:

  • EV Chargers:
    • Established Players: ABB India, Siemens India, Schneider Electric India
    • EV-focused Startups: Ather Energy, ChargePoint, Fortum Charge & Drive India
  • Solar Products:
    • Large Conglomerates: Larsen & Toubro, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)
    • Solar Panel Manufacturers: Waaree Energies, Vikram Solar, Jakson Group
  • LED Lighting:
    • Established Electrical Companies: Havells India, Philips India, Bajaj Electricals
    • LED-focused Companies: Syska LED, Wipro Lighting
  • Power & Backup Solutions:
    • Large Conglomerates: ABB India, Schneider Electric India, Havells India
    • Inverter & UPS Manufacturers: Luminous Power Technologies, Su-Kam Power Systems
  • Medical Devices: (This is a smaller segment for Servotech)
    • Established Medical Device Companies: Siemens Healthineers India, Philips India Healthcare, GE Healthcare India

Servotech Power Systems FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Servotech Power Systems:

Company & Products

  • What does Servotech Power Systems do? Servotech is a tech-focused electronics solutions company based in India. They manufacture and provide a wide range of products including EV chargers, solar power solutions, LED lighting, power & backup solutions, and medical devices.
  • What are Servotech’s main product categories? Servotech’s main product categories include:
    • EV Chargers (AC & DC)
    • Solar Products (solar panels, controllers, pumps, lighting systems)
    • LED Lighting (residential, commercial, industrial)
    • Power & Backup Solutions (inverters, UPS systems, stabilizers)
    • Medical Devices (limited range including UV lamps)


  • How is Servotech performing financially? Servotech has shown impressive revenue and profit growth in recent quarters, especially in FY23. However, you can find more recent and detailed financial information on their investor relations section on their website or financial websites.
  • Does Servotech pay dividends? Servotech has a limited history of paying dividends. They have declared only two dividends since November 2021. Their dividend policy might change depending on their financial performance and growth plans.

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