Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029

Yatharth Hospital & Trauma Care Services Ltd (Yatharth Hospitals) is a multi-specialty healthcare provider based in India.

Yatharth Hospital Overview

Category Information
Founded 2008
Type Public Limited Company (2022)
Headquarters Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Network Hospitals across NCR and beyond
Specialties Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Oncology, Critical Care, Women & Child Care
Services Trauma Care, Surgical Services, Diagnostics, Preventive Healthcare
Recent Achievements Successful kidney transplants, bone marrow transplants, complex surgeries
Strengths Super-specialty focus, experienced doctors, advanced equipment, growing network, positive patient reviews, public listed company
Challenges Competition, rising healthcare costs, talent acquisition, affordability
Website https://www.yatharthhospitals.com/

Yatharth Hospital Products

Department Services Offered
Cardiology Diagnostics, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, electrophysiology, preventive cardiology
Neurology Neurosurgery, neurology, neurophysiology, psychiatry, pain management
Orthopedics Joint replacement, spine surgery, sports medicine, trauma care, arthroscopy
Oncology Medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, chemotherapy, immunotherapy
Critical Care ICU care, CCU care, neonatal care, pediatric critical care
Women & Child Care Obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology, pediatrics, infertility management
Other Services Trauma care, emergency medicine, general surgery, urology, gastroenterology, ENT, ophthalmology, dentistry, preventive healthcare

Yatharth Hospital Awards and Recognition

Award/Recognition Category Awarded By Year
National Excellence Award for Quality & Healthcare Quality Healthcare Services QCI (Quality Council of India) 2023
Healthcare Excellence Award Super-Specialty Care ABTL (Asian Business Time Leadership Forum) 2022
Best Multi-Specialty Hospital Award NCR Region Healthcare Asia 2021
Most Promising Healthcare Brand Award Emerging Hospitals Indian Healthcare Awards 2020
Excellence in Trauma Care Award Emergency Medical Services Indian Medical Association 2019

Yatharth Hospital Fundamentals

Metric Value
Market Capitalization (INR) 4,524 Cr
Revenue (INR Cr) 825
EPS (INR) 4.25
P/E Ratio 45.9
P/B Ratio 5.2
Dividend Yield (%) 0.8
Debt/Equity Ratio 0.65
Book Value (INR) 83.5
Face Value (INR) 1
ROE (%) 24.5
Debt (INR Cr) 534

Yatharth Hospital Revenue and Net Profit

Year Revenue (INR Cr) Net Profit (INR Cr) YoY Revenue Growth YoY Net Profit Growth
2023 825 172 39% 73%
2022 590 99 41% 155%
2021 418 39 44% 420%
2020 290 8 29%

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target-

Yatharth Hospital Shareholding Patterns

Shareholder Category % Holding Pledged Shares (%) Locked Shares (%)
Promoters & Promoter Group 50.12 10.78 0
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) 4.30 0 0
Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) 9.10 0 0
Public (including Individuals) 19.18 0 0

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029

Year Share Price Target (INR)
2025 550 – 800
2026 700 – 1,000
2027 850 – 1,200
2028 1,000 – 1,500
2029 1,200 – 1,800

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2025

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2025 is 550 – 800.

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2026

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2026 is 700 – 1,000.

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2027

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2027 is 850 – 1,200.

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2028

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2028 is 1,000 – 1,500.

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2029

Yatharth Hospital Share Price Target for 2029 is 1,200 – 1,800.

Yatharth Hospital Dividend History

Yatharth Hospital does not have a history of paying dividends to its shareholders.

Future Outlook of Yatharth Hospital

Positive Outlook:

  • Strong growth potential: The Indian healthcare industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by factors like rising disposable income, increasing elderly population, and government initiatives. Yatharth Hospital, with its focus on super-specialty services and expansion plans, is well-positioned to capture this growth.
  • Financial performance: The company has demonstrated consistent revenue and profit growth in recent years, indicating strong financial fundamentals. Continued profitability and strategic investments could further strengthen its financial position.
  • Brand recognition: Yatharth Hospital is building a strong reputation for quality healthcare services, attracting patients from across the region. This positive brand image can continue to drive patient inflows and business growth.
  • Government initiatives: The Indian government is actively promoting the development of the healthcare sector through various policies and investments. This could benefit Yatharth Hospital by opening up new opportunities and partnerships.

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Risks Associated With Investing in Yatharth Hospital

Category Risk Description
Competition High competition in healthcare sector Established players, new entrants, and other healthcare providers can compete for market share and patient base, impacting Yatharth Hospital’s growth and profitability.
Financial Rising healthcare costs Increasing costs of equipment, technology, manpower, and medication can squeeze margins and impact profitability.
Regulatory Changes in regulations Government regulations and policies can change rapidly, impacting hospital operations, service offerings, and compliance requirements, potentially leading to additional expenses or revenue loss.
Brand & Reputation Negative publicity Potential for adverse media coverage, negative patient experiences, or medical errors can damage the hospital’s reputation and affect patient inflows.
Economic Economic downturn A recession or economic slowdown can reduce disposable income, leading to decreased patient demand for healthcare services and impacting Yatharth Hospital’s revenue.
Operational Talent acquisition and retention Attracting and retaining skilled medical professionals and staff is crucial for maintaining quality services and operational efficiency. High staff turnover can disrupt operations and impact patient care.
Expansion & Growth Successful execution of expansion plans Yatharth Hospital’s future growth depends on successfully executing its expansion plans, which may involve risks associated with new locations, market dynamics, and potential integration challenges.
Debt High debt-to-equity ratio Yatharth Hospital’s current debt level may increase financial risk and limit its ability to invest in growth or respond to unforeseen challenges.
Management Dependence on key personnel Yatharth Hospital’s success is reliant on the expertise and leadership of its key management team. Any unexpected changes in leadership or key personnel performance could impact the company’s direction and strategy.
Market Volatility Fluctuations in stock price The healthcare sector is susceptible to market volatility, and Yatharth Hospital’s share price can experience significant swings due to broader economic factors and industry news.

Yatharth Hospital Competitors

Category Competitors Brief Description
Super-Specialty Hospitals: Manipal Hospitals, Medanta Medicity, Narayana Health, Fortis Healthcare, Apollo Hospitals Established chains with national presence, strong brand recognition, and diverse specialized services.
Regional Multi-Specialty Hospitals: Max Healthcare, Aster DM Healthcare, Wockhardt Hospitals, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalby Hospitals Strong regional presence, offer a wide range of specialty services, and focus on attracting patients from their respective regions.
Specialized Healthcare Providers: Heart Care Institute of India, Asian Heart Institute, Manipal Institute of Oncology, Tata Medical Centre, AIIMS Delhi Leading institutions specializing in specific areas like cardiology, oncology, or neurology, known for their expertise and attracting patients seeking advanced treatment options.
Local & Emerging Hospitals: Numerous local and smaller hospitals and clinics scattered across various regions, cater to specific communities and offer basic or specialized services.

Yatharth Hospital Share Price FAQs

  • Is Yatharth Hospital a good investment?

    • I cannot offer investment advice. Evaluating Yatharth Hospital as an investment requires thorough research, considering your financial goals and risk tolerance, and consulting with a financial advisor.
  • What are the potential returns on investment in Yatharth Hospital?

    • Predicting future returns is impossible. The share price can fluctuate significantly, and returns are dependent on various unpredictable factors.

DISCLAIMER: We have not provided any real investment advice or stock recommendations. The share price targets and justifications in this article are hypothetical examples for educational purposes only. Stock prices depend on many factors and future returns are not guaranteed. Readers should do their own research before investing. Or consult a registered financial advisor for guidance. We do not guarantee any stock performance or returns. Investing in stocks involves risks.

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