Vedanta Share Price Target for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028

Vedanta Ltd is a diversified Indian multinational natural resources and technology conglomerate, headquartered in Mumbai. It is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources, and has operations in oil and gas, zinc, lead, silver, copper, iron ore, steel, nickel, aluminum, power, and glass substrate.

Vedanta Overview

Key Fact Description
Founded 1965
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Parent Company Vedanta Resources
Industries Oil & Gas, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Copper, Iron Ore, Steel, Nickel, Aluminum, Power, Glass Substrate
Major Products Aluminum, Zinc, Oil & Gas, Copper, Iron Ore
Operations India, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Australia
Controversies Environmental impact, social impact, corruption allegations, human rights abuses
Sustainability Efforts Improving sustainability practices

Vedanta Products

Product Category Products
Metals Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Copper
Minerals Iron Ore
Energy Oil & Gas
Other Power, Glass Substrate

Vedanta Awards and Recognition

Category Award/Recognition Description Year Awarded by
Performance Excellence Golden Peacock Global Award For exemplary contributions to corporate governance, business excellence and social responsibility 2022 CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) & ICSI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)
Sustainability S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (DJSI) Ranked 6th globally (98th percentile) and 2nd in Asia Pacific for the metal and mining sector 2022 S&P Global
Employer Branding Great Place to Work™ Certification For creating a high-trust, high-respect and high-performance work environment 2022 Great Place to Work® Institute
Nation Building India’s Best Employers Among Nation-Builders Special mention for commitment towards building a self-reliant India with people at its core 2022 CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)
Individual Awards Chairman’s Awards Recognizing exemplary performance by individuals with significant impact on business outcomes Ongoing Vedanta Ltd
Business Unit Awards Chairman’s Business Performance Awards Awarded to the best-performing Business Units Ongoing Vedanta Ltd
Sustainability Awards Chairman’s Sustainability Awards (Quarterly) Recognizing a Business Unit for its performance on Safety, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and Sustainability Ongoing Vedanta Ltd

Vedanta Share Price Target-

Vedanta Fundamentals

Category Subcategory Value/Ratio Description
Financial Performance Revenue (TTM) INR 84,539 Cr Total trailing twelve months revenue
Net Profit (TTM) INR 5,057 Cr Total trailing twelve months net profit
Earnings per Share (EPS) INR 36.2 Earnings per share for the last twelve months
Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio 25.7 Ratio of market price per share to annual earnings per share
Price to Book (P/B) Ratio 2.3 Ratio of market price per share to book value per share
Debt-to-Equity Ratio 0.87 Ratio of total liabilities to total shareholder equity
Current Ratio 1.4 Ratio of current assets to current liabilities
Market Performance Stock Price INR 930.40 Current market price per share
52-Week High INR 1,208.15 Highest recorded price in the past 52 weeks
52-Week Low INR 748.50 Lowest recorded price in the past 52 weeks
Market Capitalization INR 96,554.40 Cr Total market value of outstanding shares
Industry Sector Diversified Mining & Metals Industry classification of the company’s primary operations
Competitors Adani Enterprises, Tata Steel, Hindalco Industries Major competitors in the Indian mining and metals sector
Risk Factors Environmental Concerns Allegations of pollution and environmental damage at mining sites
Social Impact Criticism for displacement of communities and human rights violations
Corporate Governance Past controversies related to ethical conduct and financial reporting

Vedanta Revenue and Net Profit

Period Revenue (Cr) Net Profit (Cr)
FY 2023 (TTM) 84,539 5,057
FY 2022 75,901 4,480
FY 2021 58,149 3,287
FY 2020 47,050 2,517

Vedanta Shareholding Patterns

Category Holding % Change (since Jun 2023) Description
Promoter 63.71% -4.40% Vedanta Resources Limited and its subsidiaries
FII/FPI 7.82% +0.34% Foreign Institutional Investors and Foreign Portfolio Investors
DII 9.76% -0.15% Domestic Institutional Investors, including mutual funds, insurance companies, etc.
Public Shareholders 18.71% +4.89% Individual investors and other retail holdings

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028

Year Low Estimate (INR) Average Estimate (INR) High Estimate (INR) Disclaimer
2024 850 900 950 Analyst estimates may vary widely.
2025 950 1000 1050 Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
2026 1050 1100 1150 This table should not be considered financial advice.
2027 1150 1200 1250 Always consult with a qualified financial advisor before making investment decisions.
2028 1250 1300 1350 Investing involves risk of loss.

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2024

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2024 is 850-950.

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2025

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2025 is 950-1050.

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2026

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2026 is 1050-1150.

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2027

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2027 is 1150-1250.

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2028

Vedanta Share Price Target for 2028 is 1250-1350.

Vedanta Dividend History

Year Dividend per Share (INR) Dividend Yield (%) Ex-Date Payment Date
2023 62.50 39.08% Mar 20, 2023 Apr 04, 2023
101.50 Dec 18, 2023 Dec 29, 2023
2022 17.70 11.23% Mar 18, 2022 Apr 01, 2022
2021 10.50 7.20% Apr 09, 2021 Apr 26, 2021
2020 4.00 3.09% Dec 12, 2019 Jan 02, 2020

Vedanta Share Split History

Split Date Old Face Value (INR) New Face Value (INR) Ratio Ex-Date
Aug 08, 2008 10 1 10:1 Aug 08, 2008
Feb 16, 2005 1 1/2 2:1 Feb 16, 2005

Future Outlook of Vedanta


  • Strong growth potential: India’s growing economy and demand for infrastructure and consumer goods is expected to boost the demand for Vedanta’s metals and minerals. The company’s aggressive expansion plans in aluminum, zinc, and oil & gas further support this potential.
  • Improving sustainability practices: Vedanta has been addressing concerns around its environmental and social impact, investing in cleaner technologies and community development initiatives. This could improve its reputation and attract environmentally conscious investors.
  • Government support: The Indian government’s focus on Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) and reducing dependence on imports could benefit domestic miners like Vedanta. Government policies like production-linked incentives could also provide tailwinds.
  • Diversification: Vedanta’s presence across multiple commodities and countries can provide some buffer against volatile market conditions in any specific segment.
  • High dividend yield: Vedanta has a history of paying attractive dividends, making it appealing to income-seeking investors.

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Risks Associated With Investing in Vedanta

Category Risk Description Potential Impact
Financials Debt Burden High debt-to-equity ratio (0.87 as of Dec 27, 2023) Increased exposure to rising interest rates, reduced flexibility for future investments, potential default risk
Commodity Price Volatility Revenue and profitability heavily reliant on volatile commodity prices Significant fluctuations in share price, unpredictable returns
Currency Fluctuations Operations exposed to fluctuations in Indian Rupee Negative impact on profitability if rupee weakens
Operational Project Delays Expansion plans and new projects may face delays due to regulatory hurdles, environmental concerns, or other unforeseen factors Lower than expected growth, missed revenue targets
Geopolitical Risks Operations in Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, and Australia susceptible to political instability and conflicts Supply chain disruptions, production stoppages, increased costs
Ethical and Sustainability Environmental Concerns Allegations of pollution and environmental damage at mining sites Legal battles, reputational damage, regulatory sanctions, cost of remediation
Social Impact Criticism for potential displacement of communities and human rights violations Negative publicity, boycotts, potential operational disruptions, higher social costs
Corporate Governance Past controversies related to ethical conduct and financial reporting Lack of investor confidence, regulatory investigations, financial losses
Market Specific Industry Competition Competitive landscape with established players and new entrants Pressure on margins, market share loss, lower profitability
Economic Slowdown Potential slowdown in India’s economic growth or global recession Reduced demand for Vedanta’s products, lower earnings

Vedanta Competitors

Category Indian Competitors Global Competitors Description
Aluminum Hindalco Industries, National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO) Rio Tinto, Aluminum Corporation of China (Chalco) Hindalco & NALCO are major domestic players, while Rio Tinto & Chalco are global giants.
Zinc Hindustan Zinc (HZL) Glencore, Nyrstar HZL dominates the Indian zinc market, while Glencore & Nyrstar are top global producers.
Copper Hindustan Copper Ltd. (HCL) BHP Billiton, Freeport-McMoRan HCL has a limited market share, while BHP & Freeport are global copper giants.
Iron Ore NMDC, KIOCL Vale, BHP Billiton NMDC & KIOCL are major domestic players, while Vale & BHP are global leader in iron ore.
Oil & Gas ONGC, Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) ExxonMobil, Shell, BP ONGC & RIL are dominant domestic players, while ExxonMobil, Shell & BP are global energy giants.
Power NTPC, Tata Power EDF, Enel, Iberdrola NTPC & Tata Power are leading Indian power companies, while EDF, Enel & Iberdrola are international players.

Vedanta Share Price FAQs

Q: How has the Vedanta share price performed recently?

A: Vedanta’s share price has been declining recently, down by 3.57% from its previous closing price of INR 261.65. It has also dipped 15.14% this year and has not fully recovered its pre-pandemic highs.

Q: What is the expected future outlook for the Vedanta share price?

A: Predicting the future is challenging, but analysts hold varying opinions on Vedanta’s future performance. Some believe the company has strong growth potential due to its expansion plans and India’s economic growth. Others highlight potential challenges like high debt, environmental concerns, and competition, urging caution.

Q: Is Vedanta a good investment?

A: Whether Vedanta is a good investment for you depends on your individual risk tolerance and investment goals. Consider the company’s financials, future outlook, risks associated with the mining and metals industry, and your own financial situation before making any investment decisions.

Q: Where can I find more information about Vedanta’s share price?

A: You can find real-time market data and historical charts on Vedanta’s share price on various financial websites like Moneycontrol, NSE, and BSE. Additionally, financial news publications and analyst reports can offer insights and forecasts about the company’s future performance.

DISCLAIMER: We have not provided any real investment advice or stock recommendations. The share price targets and justifications in this article are hypothetical examples for educational purposes only. Stock prices depend on many factors and future returns are not guaranteed. Readers should do their own research before investing. Or consult a registered financial advisor for guidance. We do not guarantee any stock performance or returns. Investing in stocks involves risks.

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