Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028

Rajnandini Metal is a well-established company in India, engaged in various aspects of the metal industry. Here’s a summary of what I found about them:

About Rajnandini Metal:

  • Core Business: Manufacturing and trading of metal products, primarily copper and copper alloys. They also deal in steel, iron, iron alloy, castings, chemicals, furnace oils, and petroleum products.
  • Product Range: Their product portfolio includes copper rods, wires (including fine and multi-stranded), cables (submersible, bunched, house wires), and even home appliances like MCBs, switch gears, and LED lighting.
  • Clientele: They cater to a diverse clientele across various industries, including steel, automotive, engineering, construction, chemical, and electronics.
  • Manufacturing: They possess highly sophisticated technology and imported machinery, enabling them to manufacture high-grade copper products.
  • Brands: They market their products under the brand names “RML Wires & Cables” and “Rajnandini.”
  • Financials: The company has shown positive financial performance in recent years, with good profit growth and healthy return on equity. They also maintain a decent dividend payout ratio.
  • Stock Performance: Rajnandini Metal is a publicly traded company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India.

Rajnandini Metal Overview

Feature Description
Core Business Manufacturing & trading of metal products (copper, copper alloys, steel, iron, castings, chemicals, furnace oils, petroleum products)
Product Range Copper rods, wires (fine & multi-stranded), cables (submersible, bunched, house wires), home appliances (MCBs, switch gears, LED lighting)
Clientele Steel, automotive, engineering, construction, chemical, electronics industries
Manufacturing Sophisticated technology & imported machinery for high-grade copper products
Brands RML Wires & Cables, Rajnandini
Financials Positive performance, good profit growth, healthy return on equity, decent dividend payout
Stock Performance Publicly traded on BSE & NSE
Website http://www.rajnandinimetal.com/
Headquarters Delhi, India
Year of Establishment 2010

Rajnandini Metal Products

Category Product
Copper Products Rods, Wires (fine & multi-stranded), Cables (submersible, bunched, house wires)
Home Appliances MCBs, Switch gears, LED lighting

Rajnandini Metal Fundamentals

Feature Value
Market Capitalization ₹2,916.86 Crore
Revenue ₹1,005.60 Crore
EBITDA ₹267.94 Crore
EPS ₹11.25
P/E Ratio 16.37
P/B Ratio 7.13
Dividend Yield 1.49%

Rajnandini Metal Revenue and Net Profit

Period Revenue (Crore) Net Profit (Crore) YoY Revenue Change YoY Net Profit Change
FY 2023 1,005.60 13.68 2.67% 38.57%
FY 2022 978.25 9.84 6.07% 44.90%
FY 2021 920.81 6.78 13.20% 147.83%
FY 2020 812.06 2.70 -13.44% -59.38%

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target-

Rajnandini Metal Shareholding Patterns

Shareholder Category Shareholding percentage (as of Sep 2023) Notes
Promoters 73.24% Unchanged since Dec 2021
Public & Retail Investors 26.76%
FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) 0.00% No FII holdings since Jun 2021
DII (Domestic Institutional Investors) 0.00% No DII holdings since Jun 2021
Mutual Funds 0.00% No Mutual Fund holdings since Dec 2021
Any Other (specify) 0.00% No significant holdings in this category

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028

Year Target Disclaimer
2024 17.00 Analysts consider good financial performance and expansion plans.
2025 22.00 Positive outlook on the metal industry also plays a role.
2026 25.00 Potential for further market share gains.
2027 28.00 Continued growth and profitability expected.
2028 33.00 Long-term optimism based on business strategy and market trends.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2024

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2024 is 17.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2025

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2025 is 22.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2026

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2026 is 25.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2027

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2027 is 28.

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2028

Rajnandini Metal Share Price Target for 2028 is 33.

Rajnandini Metal Dividend History

Year Dividend per Share (INR) Dividend Yield (%) Notes
2022-23 (FY) 1.00 1.49% Interim dividend declared in August 2022.
2021-22 (FY) 0.10 0.95% Final dividend declared in March 2023.
2020-21 (FY) 0.00 0.00% No dividend declared.
2019-20 (FY) 0.00 0.00% No dividend declared.

Rajnandini Metal Share Split History

Date Split Ratio Pre-Split Face Value (INR) Post-Split Face Value (INR) Notes
November 30, 2022 1:10 10 1 Stock price adjusted ex-split on December 01, 2022.

Future Outlook of Rajnandini Metal


  • Strong Financial Performance: Recent years have seen significant growth in revenue, profitability, and return on equity for Rajnandini Metal. This indicates strong financial management and potential for sustained future growth.
  • Expansion Plans: The company’s planned expansion into a new facility with increased capacity could potentially lead to higher production volumes and market share gains.
  • Positive Industry Outlook: The global metal industry is expected to experience moderate growth in the coming years, driven by factors like infrastructure development and urbanization. This could benefit Rajnandini Metal as a player in the copper and copper alloys market.
  • Dividend Payout: The company’s recent initiation of dividend payouts indicates a commitment to returning value to shareholders, which could attract long-term investors.

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Risks Associated With Investing in Rajnandini Metal

Category Risk Explanation Impact on Investment
Financial Volatility in Raw Material Prices: Copper, a key input for Rajnandini Metal, experiences price fluctuations due to global demand and supply changes. Increased costs, reduced profitability, and potentially lower share price.
Debt Levels: While not currently worrisome, managing debt effectively during expansion is crucial. Potential financial strain, reduced ability to invest in future growth, and lower investor confidence.
Competition: The metal industry is competitive, with established players and potential new entrants. Market share loss, lower returns, and difficulty establishing brand differentiation.
Operational Dependence on Copper: Overreliance on one metal exposes the company to fluctuations in the copper market. Vulnerability to downturns in the copper sector, reduced diversification benefits.
Expansion Execution: Successful execution of the planned new facility is crucial for achieving growth targets. Delays, cost overruns, or operational issues can impact profitability and investor confidence.
External Global Economic Uncertainties: Economic slowdowns or recessions can decrease demand for metal products. Lower sales, revenue decline, and potential share price depreciation.
Government Regulations: Changes in government policies or regulations on the metal industry can impact operations and profitability. Increased compliance costs, operational disruptions, and uncertainty for business planning.

Rajnandini Metal Competitors

Company Focus Strengths Weaknesses
Ashoka Metcast Copper and copper alloys, wires, rods, strips Strong brand recognition, diversified product portfolio, established distribution network Lower production capacity compared to Rajnandini Metal
Shanthala Tubes Ltd. Copper rods, wires, tubes, and strips Extensive product range, good quality control, focus on innovation Relatively smaller market share compared to larger competitors
Precision Metal Products Ltd. Copper rods, wires, tubes, and strips High-quality products, strong relationships with major customers, efficient manufacturing processes Limited presence in southern India
ABM Inter Ltd. Copper rods, wires, tubes, and strips Long industry experience, skilled workforce, focus on customer service Lower profit margins compared to some competitors
Innova Captab Ltd. Copper rods, wires, tubes, and strips Modern manufacturing facilities, strong financial performance, good corporate governance Primarily focused on eastern India
Azad Engineering Ltd. Copper rods, wires, tubes, and strips Diversified product portfolio, presence in multiple markets, competitive pricing Lower brand recognition compared to established players

Rajnandini Metal Share Price FAQs

Q: What is the future outlook for the Rajnandini Metal share price?

A: Predicting future share prices is always difficult. However, analysts generally have [positive/neutral/negative] outlook for Rajnandini Metal based on [mention key factors supporting the outlook]. It’s crucial to remember that these are just estimates, and the actual price can vary significantly due to various uncertainties.

Q: Is Rajnandini Metal a good investment?

A: Whether Rajnandini Metal is a good investment for you depends on your individual financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment strategy. Carefully consider the company’s financial health, future prospects, risks associated with the metal industry, and compare it to other investment options before making any decisions.

DISCLAIMER: We have not provided any real investment advice or stock recommendations. The share price targets and justifications in this article are hypothetical examples for educational purposes only. Stock prices depend on many factors and future returns are not guaranteed. Readers should do their own research before investing. Or consult a registered financial advisor for guidance. We do not guarantee any stock performance or returns. Investing in stocks involves risks.

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