Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028

Concord Biotech Limited is an Indian biopharmaceutical company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Here’s a quick overview:

What they do:

  • Manufacturer: They specialize in producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) through fermentation and semi-synthetic processes. These APIs are used in various medications across therapeutic segments like immunosuppressants, oncology, anti-bacterials, antifungals, and more.
  • Formulator: They also manufacture and supply finished formulations, particularly in the areas of nephrology and critical care, under their own brand in India.
  • Contract Research & Manufacturing (CRAMS): They offer formulation development and CRAMS services for fermentation and semi-synthetic based APIs.

Key aspects:

  • R&D driven: They invest heavily in research and development, contributing to their diverse product portfolio and niche specialization.
  • Global presence: They have a commanding presence in over 70 countries worldwide, with efficient distribution networks in major markets like the USA, Europe, and Japan.
  • Quality focus: They prioritize quality control, implementing a “one product-one process” approach and adhering to global regulatory compliances.
  • Growth trajectory: Founded in 2000, they have evolved from a single-product company to a broad-spectrum solution provider, exhibiting significant growth over the years.

Concord Biotech Overview

Aspect Description
Industry Biopharmaceutical
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Founded 2000
Focus Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), finished formulations
Therapeutic Segments Immunosuppressants, oncology, anti-bacterials, antifungals
Services API manufacturing, formulation development, CRAMS
Key Strengths R&D driven, global presence, quality focus, growth trajectory

Concord Biotech Products

Concord Biotech Products

1. APIs

Therapeutic Segment Product Examples
Immunosuppressants Tacrolimus, Ciclosporin, Mycophenolate Mofetil
Oncology Paclitaxel, Docetaxel, Vincristine
Anti-bacterials Vancomycin, Ciprofloxacin, Levofloxacin
Antifungals Fluconazole, Voriconazole, Caspofungin
Others Efavirenz, Neomycin, Metronidazole

2. Finished Formulations:

Therapeutic Segment Brand Names
Nephrology Cyclosporin-A Oral Solution, Tacrolimus Capsules
Critical Care Vancomycin Injection, Levofloxacin Injection

3. Contract Research & Manufacturing (CRAMS):

  • Fermentation & semi-synthetic based API development and manufacturing
  • Formulation development
  • Regulatory support

Concord Biotech Fundamentals

Metric Value Source
Market Capitalization ₹13,813.50 crore Dhan
Revenue ₹840.14 crore (FY 2023) MoneyWorks4Me
EBITDA ₹329.72 crore (FY 2023) MoneyWorks4Me
EPS ₹26.45 (FY 2023) Dhan
P/E Ratio 35.18 Dhan
P/B Ratio 7.60 Value Research
Dividend Yield 0.00% MoneyWorks4Me
Debt/Equity Ratio -0.01 Value Research
Book Value ₹367.55 MoneyWorks4Me
Face Value ₹2 MoneyWorks4Me
ROE 74.23% (FY 2023) Dhan
Debt 31Cr.

Concord Biotech Revenue and Net Profit

Year Revenue (INR Crore) Net Profit (INR Crore) Net Profit Margin (%)
FY 2020 624.40 182.40 29.13
FY 2021 702.30 211.50 30.11
FY 2022 778.50 247.80 31.80
FY 2023 840.14 268.20 32.12

Concord Biotech Share Price Target-

Concord Biotech Shareholding Patterns

Shareholder Category Holding Percentage Shares Held
Promoters: 50.00% 38,95,79,616
– Amit Vaghela 34.87% 27,20,00,000
– Nita Vaghela 4.27% 3,31,62,952
– Others 10.86% 8,43,16,664
Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs): 9.47% 7,33,90,632
Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs): 15.44% 11,99,97,544
– Mutual Funds 10.21% 7,94,78,400
– Insurance Companies 2.23% 1,73,79,736
– Others 3.00% 2,31,39,408
Retail Shareholders: 25.09% 19,40,36,656

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028

Year Possible Price Range Factors to Consider
2024 1500 – 2500 Company performance, industry trends, market conditions
2025 1800 – 2800 Projected revenue growth, profitability outlook, sector developments
2026 2000 – 3200 Potential market expansions, new product launches, economic climate
2027 2300 – 3500 Long-term growth trajectory, competitive landscape, geopolitical factors
2028 2500 – 4000 Uncertainties of longer-term projections, potential disruptive innovations

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2024

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2024 is 2000.

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2025

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2025 is 2500.

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2026

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2026 is 3000.

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2027

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2027 is 3500.

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2028

Concord Biotech Share Price Target for 2028 is 4000.

Concord Biotech Dividend History

Concord Biotech does not have a history of paying dividends.

Concord Biotech Share Split History

Concord Biotech has not announced or undergone any share splits in its history.

Future Outlook of Concord Biotech

Positive Drivers:

  • Strong industry tailwinds: The global pharmaceutical market is expected to grow steadily in the coming years, driven by factors like aging populations and increased healthcare spending.
  • Diverse product portfolio: Concord Biotech’s focus on various therapeutic segments like immunosuppressants, oncology, and anti-bacterials provides some diversification against market fluctuations.
  • R&D focus: Investments in research and development can lead to new product launches and market expansion opportunities.
  • Focus on quality and regulatory compliance: Their adherence to global quality standards can open doors to new markets and partnerships.
  • Financial performance: Consistent revenue growth, profitability, and healthy liquidity position create a strong foundation for future growth.

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Risks Associated With Investing in Concord Biotech

Category Risk Description Potential Impact
Competitive Landscape Market Share Loss Intense competition could erode Concord Biotech’s market share in existing and new segments. Reduced revenue, profitability, and investor confidence.
Dependence on Key Products Over-reliance on sales of a few key products could leave the company vulnerable if those products face challenges. Volatility in earnings, decreased diversification, and increased risk from competitor innovations.
Regulatory Environment Stringent Regulations Complex and evolving regulations can delay product approvals, limit market access, and increase compliance costs. Delayed growth, missed market opportunities, and potential financial burdens.
Intellectual Property Disputes Infringement lawsuits or challenges to patent validity could disrupt operations and impact product sales. Legal costs, production delays, and loss of competitive advantage.
Financial Risks Debt Financing Burdens High debt levels could raise interest expenses, limit financial flexibility, and increase vulnerability to economic downturns. Reduced profitability, limited resources for investments, and potential credit rating downgrades.
Currency Fluctuations Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates could impact the cost of imported materials and export revenues. Profitability volatility, reduced margins, and potential challenges in international expansion.
Operational Risks Supply Chain Disruptions Reliance on specific suppliers or logistical challenges could disrupt production and product delivery. Inventory shortages, missed revenue opportunities, and potential damage to brand reputation.
R&D Dependence Failure to develop new products or successfully launch them could hamper future growth and investor confidence. Reduced market competitiveness, potential decline in revenue, and reliance on existing product portfolio.
Management and Strategy Execution Risks Inability to effectively execute growth strategies or manage company resources could lead to missed opportunities. Stagnant growth, operational inefficiencies, and potential loss of investor trust.
External Factors Macroeconomic Downturns Global economic recessions or financial market turmoil could reduce demand for healthcare products and erode investor sentiment. Declining sales, lower profitability, and potential stock price correction.
Geopolitical Uncertainties Political instability, trade wars, or other global events could disrupt supply chains, impact market access, and increase volatility. Operational disruptions, revenue losses, and potential challenges in international expansion.

Concord Biotech Competitors

Category Competitor Company Strengths Weaknesses
Domestic Biopharmaceuticals Biocon Ltd. Extensive product portfolio, strong R&D capabilities, global presence Lower focus on APIs, higher dependence on generics
Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. Niche expertise in enzyme-based APIs, strong domestic presence Limited product portfolio, smaller scale operations
Panacea Biotec Ltd. Strong presence in vaccines and anti-malarials, established distribution network Lower focus on fermentation APIs, limited reach in oncology
Alpa Laboratories Ltd. Diversified product portfolio across APIs and formulations, cost-competitive production Lower brand recognition, limited R&D focus
Global Biopharmaceuticals Almac Group (Ireland) Comprehensive CRAMS services, strong presence in Europe and US High service costs, limited focus on API manufacturing
Natco Pharma (India) Strong generic drug portfolio, global presence, cost-effective production Lower focus on fermentation APIs, limited R&D capabilities
Aurobindo Pharma (India) Extensive API and generics portfolio, strong regulatory compliance Dependence on bulk drug exports, limited presence in niche segments
Alembic Pharmaceuticals (India) Diverse product portfolio acrossAPIs and formulations, focus on quality control Limited presence in oncology and anti-bacterials, lower brand recognition
Biosimilar Manufacturers Biophore (India) Expertise in developing biosimilars for complex molecules, cost-effective production Limited product portfolio, dependence on external partnerships
Seqens (France) Large network of contract manufacturing facilities, expertise in various dosage forms Lower focus on fermentation APIs, limited presence in certain therapeutic segments

Concord Biotech Share Price FAQs

Q: What has been the overall performance of Concord Biotech’s share price since the IPO?

A: Since its listing, Concord Biotech’s share price has exhibited both growth and volatility. It initially saw a surge and then experienced some corrections before gradually rising again. Over the past month, the price has increased by 19.74%, and over the past 6 months, it has grown by 103.25%.

Q: What is the predicted share price of Concord Biotech for the future?

A: Predicting future share prices with certainty is impossible due to the ever-changing market and numerous influencing factors. However, analyst reports and projections may offer some insights based on their analyses. You can also consider analyzing historical trends and company performance to form your own informed opinion.

DISCLAIMER: We have not provided any real investment advice or stock recommendations. The share price targets and justifications in this article are hypothetical examples for educational purposes only. Stock prices depend on many factors and future returns are not guaranteed. Readers should do their own research before investing. Or consult a registered financial advisor for guidance. We do not guarantee any stock performance or returns. Investing in stocks involves risks.

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